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 Name of the project: CorridorFinance

 Symbol or name OOOI

 Receive demand: 需申请 Telegram Twitter Ethereum 邀请 

 Importance:  ★★

 Specific details:  CorridorFinance is airdropping, having a conversation with Telegram, joining Telegram, joining Discod, following Twitter, completing various tasks, registering an ERC wallet address, and inviting for more opportunities!

 Time of collection: 2024/05/27

The first step:
Go to the airdrop entrance OR 

The second step:

The third step:
Return to the airdrop list

QR code of this page: You can use the mobile phone to scan the QR code directly into the mobile page.

Note: any airdrop will not require your private key (including the form of a memorable word), the exchange code, the mailbox password, and any information that may design the security of private property. If there is a similar purpose, please stop participating in the airdrop immediately and all subsequent steps.!

Disclaimer: the coin airdrop will only be collected and screened for the user in the scope of its power, only when we think it is necessary to provide some hints and not take any responsibility for information and projects. Please pay attention to identify the risks of various projects, all risks at your own expense, thank you for your cooperation.
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